It’s not evident, but in professional life, work should be enjoyed. Not only for the rank and file clerk but as well as for the engineer. For an artist, enjoyment brought by his or her creations seems more evident. The work of an artist is not only enjoyment but very often also pain and passion, struggle and disappointment.

Many people combine an industrious professional life with the practice of an art discipline. Most of the time they are not considered as artists but hobbyists. I’m a hobbyist, so be it. I was inspired after an exhibition of Michel Cardew’s pots in 1976 in Brussels. The Potter’s Book by Bernard Leach added to my fascination.

I started to watch ceramics, to touch clay. I was ecstatic. Not in a hysterical way, but with a profound feeling of self fulfillment. In my hands, clay was a cooperating medium.

My breath gave it life.

It’s difficult to describe the satisfaction, the sensual feelings, the relaxing zen. All expressed and impressed in clay. Although more than 30 years later, I still feel like the apprentice, I watch the masters and enjoy and find inspiration in their accomplishments. I show my pots to communicate some of my happiness and pleasure.

Hope I can share this with you.

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